Hungary United Kingdom(Great Britain)

TESA SA. Hexagon Metrology GROUP


More than 5000 measuring device and system! A, two tactile measuring machines and mechanical háromkoordinátás, of length. Both optical and tactile measuring machines háromkoordinátás complete service background in Hungary. Non-touch pneumatic measuring and control systems, kaliberek. Complete calibration lab building measuring systems, gauge block, plug and ring gauges. Mechanical and digital calipers, meter, szögtapintós meter, micrometers, 3 bridges furatmikrométerek. Great for measuring diameters measuring systems. Mechanical and digital altimeters. Konturográf, portable roughness tester, portable and can be installed on hardness testing equipment. Probe Holders, Stands, kiegészítő elemek. Induktív tapintók, evaluators, Storage, measuring stations. Mechanical Templates, thread, rádiusz, joints etc.. Precision Square, élvonalzó, precíziós raporterek, column, angle, Balls. Profil projektor, microscope. Complete service in Hungary.

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